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Fygi Technologies provides software for self-service shopping to the retail sector. Our customers are forward-thinking retailers who want to give their customers a better shopping experience.

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Technology created e-commerce and online retailers make use of technology. Now it is time for physical stores to join the revolution. Fygi is the future of physical retail – it creates positive and effective shopping experiences.

- Espen Lippert, Founder Fygi Technologies

What is our DNA?

About us

Fygi is a technology company which enables secure, mobile-based self-service shopping for forward-thinking retailers. With a broad eco-system of customers and partners including global brands within security and financial services, Fygi is the "secure solution for Scan Pay Go" for retailers and consumers. Fygi’s solutions mean yet even better security for the mobile-based self-service solutions of today and tomorrow, as well as a revitalised consumer experience within contactless shopping.

Our growing team was founded in Moss, Norway, where it has its current headquarters, and it is represented by six different nationalities across four countries – from Oslo to Düsseldorf.


Fygi Technologies offers its customers a competitive edge in the form of mobile self-service solutions. Our cloud-based solutions for mobile phones unshackle your employees’ time and reduce the need for costly hardware such as till points and traditional POS systems.

We deploy the latest within development tools and use a scalable cloud architecture to enable the effective integration of new customers, functionalities and services.

Our Vision

Changing customer behavior

Our Mission

Driving mobile self-service adaption to maximize retailers' profits and spur frictionless shopping experiences

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