Many more possibilities via Add-Ons

Once you have Fygi Scan Pay Go, you can then open up a whole new world of possibilities through our range of add-ons.


Targeted campaigns to reward loyal customers. All central campaigns supported with the option to set up time-limited campaigns at store or product level.

Customer Club

Verify existing memberships or use Fygi as a new recruitment platform. All member benefits are handled and clearly visible in the solution.


Analysis tool for physical stores. Get key insights into user behaviour.

Grocery module

Our customised solution for grocery items includes elements such as shopping lists, age verification, a solution for loose items sold by weight, collection points for tobacco products and integration with existing bottle-return schemes.

Age verification

Age verification can be undertaken easily in Fygi. Also available in the grocery module.

Omni-fulfillment and endless aisle module

Combine your different retail platforms in one. Perhaps you may be sold out of something in store, or your customer might not want to transport their purchase home? With Fygi, customers can collect items at a later point or have them delivered to their home as online orders. All depending on what the individual prefers.

Live view and remote approval (employee app)

Employees can track what is being bought in real time and approve manual checks from their own mobile devices.

In-store help

Allows customers to call employees to the shop floor or fitting rooms, for example, or to chat with customer service.

Multiple delivery methods

Customers can decide for themselves if they want to take their items home from the store, have them delivered as online orders or to collect them later from a pick-up locker.

White label

Fygi can integrate into existing apps or we can create one for you.

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