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Fygi Technologies has offices in several cities in Europe. We are happy to hear from you, whether you have questions or want a non-committal meeting.

Fygi Technologies

Henrich Gerner gate 14
1530, Moss
Norway +47 69 10 96 96

Fygi Technologies

Wergelandsveien 23-25
0167, Oslo
Norway +47 69 10 96 96

Fygi Technologies

al. Jana Pawła II 22
Poland +47 69 10 96 96

Fygi Technologies

Johannstrasse 37
40476 Düsseldorf
Germany +47 69109696

Questions? Write to us.

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Your customers already use their phone as a tool for almost everything else, and will happily use it for scan, pay, go too. The features coming with FYGI will enhance the customer experience in many ways.

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