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Any Scan Pay Go solution will require some adjustments to the business, but for employees it is often the mental reset which constitutes the greatest change. Fygi will be by your side the whole way: From implementation of the system, including its comprehensive anti-theft solutions, to the distribution of training and informational materials to employees and customers.

Using Fygi
is secure

Many are skeptical as to the impact that self-service solutions will have on theft and waste. Experience shows that this varies to some extent, but there are good and not so good ways to implement anti-theft measures. Fygi already offers various advanced and smart anti-theft solutions and is working continuously to further develop them.

Fygi works closely with leading suppliers of expertise within areas where we ourselves are not experts.

FygiEye: This is a physical device with a sensor which, using our own proprietary software, registers all items which are about to be taken out of the store. If they haven’t been paid for, an alarm will go off. Read more about FygiEye.

These security measures do not impinge on the comfort and confidence experienced by paying customers.

We protect customer privacy in the following ways:

Customers do not need to register to use our solutions. Shoppers can choose for themselves whether to download our app or to pay via the browser on their mobile phone.

Fygi adapts to existing

Fygi adapts its services to the needs of the business and to existing systems. This is possible because the Fygi system is built entirely from the ground up, with comprehensive integration in mind.


Fygi supports all payment providers.


Fygi integrates into existing solutions through APIs which interface with our integration engine.

No new hardware necessary if not desired.

Ingen ny hårdvara behövs, med mindre man själv önskar det.

Step by

Fygi is a flexible solution. This also applies to the procedure for each individual customer. Get in touch for a non-binding demonstration or meeting.

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