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Fygi Technologies AS is a Norwegian company headquartered in Moss, Norway.

The company was founded in 2019 to develop secure mobile self-service solutions for the retailers of today and tomorrow.

Our Approach

A firm commitment to the user experience is central to the company’s mission to boost adoption of mobile self-service solutions in order to maximise profit for retailers and to create frictionless shopping experiences. This is achieved exclusively through means which seek to kindle improved customer experiences.

The company currently has around 15 employees across four countries which represent six different nationalities. The majority of Fygi’s employees are in technical and engineering positions, including industry experts within POS (Point of Sale) and mobile application development.

In addition to head office roles undertaken from Moss and Oslo, Fygi also has an R&D team based in Moss and Warsaw. We have several commercial resources operating from Norway, Germany and Sweden.

The self-service market

The self-service market was valued at over USD 28 billion in 2019 and is expected to reach USD 68 billion by the end of 2025. This corresponds to a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of over 16% within this period (2020 – 2025).

Investor relations

Frank Martinsen / CFO
Tlf: (+47) 913 02 982

Amund Skaaden / CEO
Tlf: (+47) 482 41 819

Scan Pay Go with Fygi

Scan the QR
code at the door

Fygi turns the user’s mobile phone into a payment system. Shoppers scan a store-specific QR code on the way in, activating Fygi on their mobile phones.

Users can also download the Fygi app and select the relevant store directly via its interface. (See more under Add-Ons for possible white label solutions).

Scan items

Shoppers use their phone to scan the existing barcodes on the items that they find in store. This makes for an easy way to check prices and bring up product information such as materials, ingredients, country of origin and data sheets, as well as to find pictures, videos or instructions.

When the user decides to buy an item, they can simply click 'Buy' and indicate quantity to add them to their virtual basket.

Should an item come in without a barcode from the original supplier, then QR codes can be used instead. Read about how Fygi is able to easily generate QR codes under 'Why Choose Fygi?

The solution features an offline mode which means that it is always available to the user even in cases where Internet access or 4G coverage does not extend to the entire store.

Pay for items

Once the user has found everything they need, they can then go to their virtual basket and select 'Pay'. The next step is to choose among the payment solutions offered by the store – and then simply to pay.

Check out

Before leaving the store, shoppers register their purchase at a check-out station. This simply involves scanning a QR code on a tablet. Customers may also be selected for a manual check. This is based on Fygi’s smart algorithms which detect suspicious behaviours. Stores are otherwise free to decide for themselves what parameters to use as a basis for customer checks.

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