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Theft prevention through behavioral psychology

At Fygi, we appreciate a good piece of text about Scan Pay Go. Our whole business is nurtured by retailers who want to provide their customers with a smoother shopping experience. Our industry is still in its early days, but more and more retailers seem ready to embrace the new age, but the issue of theft has not been properly addressed. Before now.

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Covid-19: accelerator of mega trends

When we introduce Scan Pay Go to retailers for the first time, they often ask if the consumers are ready for the solution and if they will understand it. Retailers agree that Scan Pay Go is a thing for the future, but do we really need it now?

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Theftproof self-service without heavy investments

Having a smart anti-theft system is a prerequisite for retailing self-service goods. We are now developing FygiEye, a device that offers theftproof self-service without large hardware installations.

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Europris pilots self-service solution outdoors

A mobile self-service solution can improve the customer’s experience, both outdoors and in-store, believes Europris. The company is now piloting Scan Pay Go.

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Made in Norway

Fygi har valgt to av sine viktigste samarbeidspartnere til utviklingen av sitt system for selvbetjening, FygiEye. - Etter mange runder med både utenlandske og norske aktører forstod vi fort at det å utvikle, designe og produsere i Norge er det riktige valget for oss. Dette skaper korte beslutningsprosesser, langt bedre kvalitet og færre misforståelser i…

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Utfordrer gigant med norsk patent

Fygi Technologies jobber per dags dato med utvikling av sitt nye produkt FygiEye, som skal gi butikkjeder tryggere selvbetjening uten store hardware installasjoner. FygiEye vil levere en helt ny kjøpsopplevelse til alle segmentene innen retail. Frem til nå har såkalte «Walk out» løsninger som AmazonGo (uten fysisk kassepunkt i butikken) kun vært forbeholdt dagligvare. Med…

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