Europris pilots self-service solution outdoors

A mobile self-service solution can improve the customer’s experience, both outdoors and in-store, believes Europris. The company is now piloting Scan Pay Go.

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The coronavirus pandemic, and changing retail consumer behaviour, hasn’t affected the largest discount variety retailer in Norway. Europris has found its e-commerce business booming in the new normal, even as the rest of the economy recedes. However, although they are performing well online, their physical stores will remain their most important sales channel in the foreseeable future.

Fragmented data creates fragmented customer experiences. Europris is thus focusing its marketing efforts on omnichannel strategies, to deliver seamless and personalized experiences across all channels. As customers increasingly prefer mobile shopping, safe stores and personalized shopping experiences, Europris is stepping up efforts to simplify shopping for its customers.

  • Our customers are increasingly shifting towards preferring mobile self-service solutions. That’s why we’re trialling Fygi’s mobile Scan Pay Go solution, says Daniel Bruun, New Business Manager at Europris.

Easy to get started

Scan Pay Go is currently in use in two Østfold stores, making it easier for customers to buy flower soil and pots from the stores’ outdoor areas. Fygi utilises existing data systems for software implementation, meaning it’s easy to get started with Scan Pay Go, says Lars Ove Davidsen, Head of Digital Projects at Europris.

  • The technical solution has worked well from day one. The user interface is intuitive, and it didn’t take more than a couple of days to full implementation, he says.

The pilot in Østfold is a collaborative project between IT, marketing and operations. Seamless customer experiences demand close collaboration between all departments.

  • Through this pilot we hope to identify potential challenges. This enables us to adjust future solutions, and create an optimal experience for our customers, Davidsen adds.

Fast, secure and seamless for customers

There is no need for downloading an app to use Scan Pay Go. Shoppers can easily scan products, pay with Vipps, and get email receipts after a successful payment. Europris’ big hairy goal is to reduce queues during peak hours, explains Daniel Bruun.

  • The biggest advantage of Scan Pay Go is that it speeds up the shopping process for our customers, he says.

Europris has already identified several learning points, including how important it is to be able to make location-specific adjustments. The product range is continuously evolving, and Bruun would like every store manager to be able to make adjustments. The most important learning point thus far, however, is the importance of educating and helping customers using the solution.

  • The self-service solution is working really well, but you should not underestimate customer communication. We should have spent more time showing our customers how easy and efficient Scan Pay Go actually is, says Bruun.

The Scan Pay Go pilot has also identified potential future uses of mobile self-service. Unserviced self-service areas with flowers and soil, as well as solutions where customers can buy products after closing hours, are amongst opportunities that have been discussed. But right now, Europris’ primary focus is to learn from the Østfold pilot.

  • We have learnt a lot from this, and will continue to work on new solutions that will create even better shopping experiences for our customers in 2022, concludes Bruun.


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