Switch to Microsoft's cloud platform

Competitors do not have the same partner ecosystem as Microsoft. Fygi is moving their Scan Pay Go solution to Microsoft's cloud platform. For Fygi, the Azure platform means shorter development time and the ability to scale even faster.

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Fygi launches Scan Pay Go solution at the men’s fashion chain Follestad

Scan Pay Go is now being rolled out in the men's fashion chain Follestad.

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Hybrid retail

The retail walk-out solution that does not alienate the nostalgics

Few retail concepts have earned more attention than AmazonGo. First introduced in 2017, the seamless walk-out solution seemed capable of revolutionizing physical shopping. The world was in awe, and Amazon boasted it’s plans to establish 3.000 concept stores in the USA by the end of 2021. As we speak, they have completed 30.

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Theft prevention through behavioral psychology

At Fygi, we appreciate a good piece of text about Scan Pay Go. Our whole business is nurtured by retailers who want to provide their customers with a smoother shopping experience. Our industry is still in its early days, but more and more retailers seem ready to embrace the new age, but the issue of theft has not been properly addressed. Before now.

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Covid-19: accelerator of mega trends

When we introduce Scan Pay Go to retailers for the first time, they often ask if the consumers are ready for the solution and if they will understand it. Retailers agree that Scan Pay Go is a thing for the future, but do we really need it now?

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Theftproof self-service without heavy investments

Having a smart anti-theft system is a prerequisite for retailing self-service goods. We are now developing FygiEye, a device that offers theftproof self-service without large hardware installations.

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