Theftproof self-service without heavy investments

Having a smart anti-theft system is a prerequisite for retailing self-service goods. We are now developing FygiEye, a device that offers theftproof self-service without large hardware installations.


Self-service frees up time for store employees, and creates seamless shopping experiences for your customers. But what about theft? A British survey has estimated that customers in the United Kingdom steal a staggering €3.5 billion a year using self-service checkouts (or around €5 each month per person). However, this does not only apply to the United Kingdom. Theft and other losses is a major challenge for the self-service industry in a number of European countries. That is why we believe that an adequate anti-theft system is a prerequisite for success in the retail trade of the future.

At Fygi, we continuously work on developing smart anti-theft solutions. One of the solutions we are currently working on is FygiEye, a physical unit that will offer retailers theftproof self-service without having to make heavy investments. The prototype is just around the corner, says Kenneth Kristiansen, CTO of Fygi.

  • In order for self-service stores to be rolled out on a larger scale, we are dependent on addressing the worries surrounding theft, fraud and other losses. With FygiEye, we will solve this in a cost-effective way. In fact, these solutions should not be that expensive at all, he says.

FygiEye is attached to the ceiling, and receives information about which products can leave the store without triggering the alarm, Kristiansen explains. Until now, «walk out» solutions have only been in use in supermarkets. With FygiEye, other retailers will also benefit from recent technological advancements in anti-theft.

Local design that frees up floor space

The device is developed locally in Norway, and in collaboration with partners nearby Fygi’s headquarters in Moss. Industrial design, as well as hardware and production partners, are all within an hour’s drive from our office, says Kristiansen, who is responsible for project management and software development. The local expertise is now merging to create an innovative and aesthetic solution that frees up floor space. Conventional systems, with alarm systems at the exit, take up an unnecessary amount of space, Kristiansen believes.

  • The design will not only be gorgeous, but will not take up any floor space at all. FygiEye will hang from the ceiling. This frees up space that can be used to display merchandise, he says.

FygiEye will be tested and refined throughout the autumn and winter. Commercial launch will take place in the first quarter of 2022. Kristiansen says that the pricing of the device means that it will be accessible to stores of all sizes. The technology is based on RFID, so no process change is required in the stores either.

The commercial gains, however, could be huge.

This will be a real enabler for autonomous stores, Kristiansen concludes.


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