Fygi launches Scan Pay Go solution at the men’s fashion chain Follestad


Imagine walking into a store, picking up your items and leaving without stopping by a checkout. The only thing you needed was a mobile with a camera to scan a QR code, pay at site and then you could take your items and leave. Scan Pay Go!

Fygi Technologies was started by Espen Lippert in 2018. Towards the end of 2020, the company's self-service Scan Pay Go solution for retail was launched. This means that you as a customer can go into a store, pick the items you want, scan the items with your own mobile phone, put the items in the bag and leave the store - past the long queue at the checkout. The goods are paid for.

This is what Fygi Technologies is all about. Giving customers a simple and independent shopping experience. And getting rid of unnecessarily long queues.

During last year, pilot projects were run with Europris and Mester Grønn. Scan Pay Go is now being rolled out in the men's fashion chain Follestad.

Starting with their store in Karl Johans Gate in Oslo.

William Follestad, general manager of Follestad, is pleased that their customers will experience a better and more efficient shopping experience in their store in Karl Johans gate in Oslo. The goal is then to expand this solution to 10 more stores. William Follestad is exited about the technology:

This optimizes our store operation, and we can provide better service to those customers who want advice or help, he says

You can read more about our launch at Follestad in this article in Finansavisen (paid-wall).

In addition to having established Fygi in Norway, Fygi Technologies have also been established in Sweden and Germany.


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