Fygi Scan & Go joins forces with Kesseböhmer Micro Market

Whether convenience store, farm store, DYI, 24/7 express markets, gas station or hub in the charging park - unmanned container stores continue to gain relevance.

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The potential applications of the smart concept are cross-sectoral. The cooperation consisting of the shopfitting specialist Kesseböhmer from Lower Saxony and the Norwegian Scan & Go provider Fygi focuses primarily on a standardized container concept that can be scaled economically. In addition, individual Smart Store concepts are, of course, also provided for customers on-request.

High-quality shopfitting and intelligent mobile Scan & Go software are central components of the joint solution. Both companies see themselves as contract manufacturers who can orchestrate and implement smart stores. A network of partners completes the concept and guarantees a high level of innovation. Whether coffee bar, vending solutions, intelligent scales or entrance controls, the Smart Store has few limitations.

Apart from 24/7 container solutions, the smartstore concept can also be translated into brick-and-mortar retail, allowing retailers new opportunities.

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About Fygi

Fygi Technologies is an international retail technology company based in Norway. Fygi delivers a variety of software solutions that improve and modernize retail customer journeys. At the core of its offering is a Scan Pay Go solution that, in combination with specific value-added retail features, delivers a range of digitized shopping experiences.

About Kesseböhmer

With its Storebest and Kesseböhmer Warenpräsentation sales brands, Kesseböhmer Ladenbau GmbH &Co. KG is one of the leading shopfitting companies in Europe. With more than 3,500 employees worldwide, the Kesseböhmer Group, founded in 1954, is involved not only in product presentation systems and checkout systems, but also in the manufacture of installation and fitting systems for the furniture industry, caravan accessories, ergonomic technology for office furniture and supplier parts for the automotive industry.


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