Why Choose Fygi?

Fygi’s philosophy is to offer physical stores the same opportunities available to online retailers. To be number one within insightful customer data, queue-free shopping, seamless customer journeys and delivering the best solutions for product information and payments, it is fundamental that we ourselves have a background in retail.

Save money,
boost revenue

Scan Pay Go opens the door to a more efficient way of doing things, not least by reducing the need for manned till points. Shoppers can choose queue-free alternatives and employees are free to focus on service. Some advantages of Fygi:

Less time operating till points. More time for your core activities: sales and service.

Combine different channels. Give customers the option to buy items that are out of stock in store, or which they don’t want to transport home themselves, as online purchases to be delivered to their door.

Generate more and better customer insights. Fygi not only knows what the customer actually buys, but also what products they consider and then choose not to buy.

Fygi can be integrated with existing loyalty programmes.

A dedicated employee app helps your staff to work as efficiently as possible. They can use it to:

Scan products and bring up all product information when interacting with customers.

Authorise purchases that require a manual check.

Communicate with customers who call for service.

Verify a customer’s age (if purchasing items which require age verification).

The employee solution also comes in a desktop edition which employees can use to easily administer the system:

Manage campaigns at chain, store and product level.

Manage 'related products' and personal campaigns.

Add and remove users at different levels.

Change or add payment methods.

QR codes are generated both at store and product level.

The consumer-friendly solution

Consumer surveys show that people are keen to use their own mobile phones to serve themselves in stores. In fact, around 30% of consumers say they would actually choose a particular store on the basis of this possibility.

Some of the benefits to your customers from using Fygi’s Scan Pay Go solution:

No user onboarding required. They simply scan the QR code at the entrance and they’re off!

No misunderstandings or confusion around prices. Full control over their basket total as they shop.

Personalised in-store marketing.

Two out of three already use their phone to retrieve information when shopping. Fygi provides easy access to the most decisive product information such as price, images and videos, instructions, data sheets and information such as materials, ingredients and country of origin.

Shoppers can choose whether to take their items home, have them delivered as online purchases or collect them at a later time.

When a customer has questions or needs assistance, they can simply and easily call for an employee to provide help.

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